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the place where your test data belong
If you are willing to make a contribution of your time and efforts to the Grible project, please contact Maksym and he will provide you with options and instructions to help us.

Visit Grible Developers Page to get the information for contributors.

For any kind of contribution you will be rewarded by putting your name to the contributors list and everyone will be able to see how great you are. Here are the areas which you can make Grible better in:


This application development was started and continued so far by automation engineer, so if the real Java developer is willing to participate, that would be great.

Also Javasript developers are welcome here. Client side is full of dynamic actions and triggers, so at least review and refactoring would be much help.

You can fork these troubles on GitHub or ask for other options of collaboration.

Manual testing

We already use Grible on the real project, but any additional help in testing it would be highly appreciated. On your request we will provide all needed instructions for creating test environment or even could provide the VirtualBox image with it.

Automated testing

It is quite odd to admit that the tool for automated testing which was created by automation testers is not automatically tested. That would be a great opportunity for those manual QAs who would like to get the experience in automated testing of the web applications using Selenium WebDriver.


We all know that if the software looks good and feels good, it is always pleasure to work with it. If you are a web designer (or at least if you think so), you could help us make Grible prettier and nicer to work with.


If you are great in making presentations or videos, or organizing events dedicated to the particular software product, you could also participate in spreading the Grible throughout the world. The better is promotion - the more people involved. The more people involved - the better product we make.