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The idea

The idea of creating Grible came up based on 2 main reasons.

1. Reusable input data

The application under test (AUT) functionality always contains entities (i.e. users, folders hierarchy etc.) and reusable sets of input data parameters (i.e. set of input values for some wizard with several screens). These are better to store separately from the actual data for the test cases, because whenever those sets are changed, we do it in the one place. Using Excel files for storing all of that was inconvenient and has poor visibility. Tables were not connected, so you had to double check if you have not brake anything every time you made any changes. That is how the idea of developing a web application for storing input data in the database came to live. For more information about separating reusable input data, go to Documentation.

2. Common style for the team

Grible was created on the project that had one automation team for different products on different platforms. Each automation engineer should have been qualified enough to write tests for each product. The problem was that everyone has their own vision of structuring input data, so after some time input data of some projects was a mess. Grible restricts you to the only one structure of input data that we found the most optimized and efficient.